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Baccarat Terminator 




Because it has never lost, not even one time !



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Experts Agree That Baccarat Is the Best Game for Professional Level Play. 

However, Until Now Professional Versions Were Just Too Difficult to Be Practical for Ordinary Players! 

They Required Card Counting, Timing Bets and Setting Up Betting Chains Almost Too Complex to Manage! 
However, All of That Has Just Changed! 


Baccarat Terminator is So Strong That Anyone Using It Can Turn $25 Into $50,000 in Just Two Days! 
What’s More, It is Virtually Foolproof with a Simple Winning Formula That Rolls Over Every Version of Baccarat Offered Today! 
Want Proof? 
In 10,760 Games Played by Real Players Just Like You Baccarat Terminator Won 100% of the Time. 
This is Not an Exaggeration. 
Baccarat Terminator Never Lost! 
Not Even One Time! 
If You Are Ready to Move Up to Unstoppable Play Using a System That Never Fails, Now’s Your Chance! 
Imagine a system that was so good that you could wrap up a winning game every four bets! 

Then further imagine that the system was so good it never fails to win! 

This will give you some idea of the Awesome Power of Baccarat Terminator! 
This system is so powerful that if you can risk even $25 you can win $50,000 in the next 18 hours. 

I am so confident of your success that I will even send you the exact plan our players are using to win $50,000 every two days with my 100% Guarantee of Your Success! 

If you are ready to win at least $1,000 an hour without leaving home in what has been called “the ultimate home-based business?I will show you how! 

Or, if you would like to travel to the world’s most luxurious casino properties winning $5,000 or more a day I’ll show you exactly how you can do this! 


Hi, I’m Richard Cui. My main business is trading stocks for profit. However, for the past three years I have been winning a ton of money using gambling systems I’ve developed for blackjack and roulette. 

Professional players kept asking me when I was going to move up to baccarat play. 

One of my most successful stock trading techniques is called Target Trading. It is a technique where I set a predetermined profit target and then set up trades to reach this target. I may hit my goal in one trade or it may take three or four, but properly executed, I will always hit my Target. 

Borrowing from Target Trading I set up a new betting system for baccarat based on Targeting Bets. This is the backbone of Baccarat Terminator ?the exciting new way of turning baccarat play into pure cash play! 
Baccarat Terminator is Now the Number One Strategy for High-Profit, Ultra Low-Risk Baccarat Play! 

Baccarat Terminator has never been released to the public before. It is unique in that it has never failed to win. Yet, it is easy enough to use that you can be winning thirty minutes after you learn it. 

At its core it uses Target Betting - a system borrowed from stock trading that is even more powerful when applied to baccarat! 

Target Betting was combined with a stunning new way of picking where to bet that is unsurpassed in its accuracy and ability to win. 

Then we tweaked the strategy still more and developed a way to eliminate the problem of long losing streaks. 
Extensive play showed that the Complete Baccarat Terminator Strategy was so special that its power was hard to believe.

But, we didn’t stop there.?We found forty seven players, many of whom had never played baccarat before! 

We turned them loose against baccarat games from Las Vegas to Sydney, Australia. 

They also took on the online baccarat games. 
When the results came in I was almost floored by the outcome.

In 10,760 carefully documented games played by players just like you, they won every single time! 

No one suffered even one losing game! Not even one time! 

Now, after a great deal of debate we have decided to release this extraordinary strategy to a relative handful of new players! 

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Here’s What We Discovered Using Baccarat Terminator Against the Baccarat Games of the World.

•    It easily beats all versions of baccarat, including both the big version of the game and all of the versions of mini-baccarat! 

•    It excels in play in land-based casinos, easily overcoming every version of baccarat!

•    It simply rolls over online baccarat and it has set new records for consistent profitable play!

•    It wins at a blazing fast rate. It sets up Winning Coups that lock up solid wins every four rounds of play! 
On top of all these:

•    It is the ultimate low-bankroll strategy. If you’ve got $25 you have enough to get started online and easily set up a $5,000 a Day Income!

•    It piles up winnings so fast that many of our players are almost overwhelmed by their profits. Our players commonly turn $25 into $50,000 in less than two days!

•    There is nothing theoretical about its winnings. It has been used in over 10,000 documented games by real players and has never lost!

•    It uses the world’s best baccarat bet selection method –Tracker Betting to gain a powerful edge in setting up winning bets!

•    It determines the size of bets using a Unique Betting Strategy that has never lost! 
The result is a powerful, yet easy-to-use Professional Level Strategy that is easy to learn and even easier to use!


Playing With Baccarat Terminator is the Ultimate New Experience for Winning Baccarat Play! 

Baccarat Terminator is not one of those grind systems that try to gain a tiny edge in order to win a few dollars an hour. 

Instead, it produces explosive profits and then locks them up using a strategy that allows you to quit with a winning game after any winning coup. 
Baccarat Terminator uses a Unique Bet Timing System to pick where to bet and then adjusts the amounts bet using a Bet Sizing Strategy based on target trading (used for stock trading). 

The result?  An unstoppable winning strategy that makes winning at baccarat as simple as following a few bet timing and bet sizing rules. 
The proof of its effectiveness lies in its win record ?u1:p> 
It has never failed to win at baccarat!


 Baccarat Terminator Is the Ultimate System for Pulling In High Winnings Using Small Bets! 

Most professional level baccarat systems are strictly for well-heeled players. 

The typical minimum bankroll requirement for professional level baccarat play is at least $10,000. 

And, the real pros recommend that you have at least $25,000 to $50,000 before even considering professional level play! 
That’s the way it has been until now. If you were serious about winning at baccarat, don’t even think about starting with less that $10,000! 

Baccarat Terminator turns these concepts on their heads! 

Now, instead of requiring thousands of dollars to start, all you need is $25! 

That’s what it takes to get started using Baccarat Terminator online. 
And, here’s the really exciting part.  That’s your total bankroll requirement as well as your starting buy-in! 
Instead of requiring a bankroll five to ten times the amount you bring to the table, with Baccarat Terminator all you need as your permanent total bankroll is the amount of your lowest level buy-in. 
The reason why you can get by with such a low level investment is simple: Baccarat Terminator never loses. 

So, unlike other systems requiring that you have five to ten times your buy-in as back up capital for your losses, with Baccarat Terminator, you don’t need any backup cash. 
This is another huge advantage of no-loss play. 
Any one who can round up $25 can become a consistent $5,000 a day winner! 
Here Are a Few Examples of What You Can Do When You Use the Full Power of Baccarat Terminator Against the Casinos.

•    You can start out with as little as $25 and quickly and easily become a $5,000 a day winner!

•    You’ll be able to pull in Game Level Wins every four bets on the average and be able to lock up your winnings anytime you like!

•    You’ll learn how to quickly set up winnings from $705 to as high as $3,537 an hour online (we’ll not only show you how to do it we’ll reveal where we play and win as well).

•    You’ll gain the power to win from $940 an hour to as much as $4,701 an hour playing in low-stake games.


Moreover, if you decide to bet $500 a hand we’ll show you how to win over $23,000 an hour!

•    You’ll quickly turn baccarat play into a rock solid source of all-cash winnings you can tap anytime you like! 
It All Started When I Applied Target Trading to Baccarat Play! 

I trade stocks and other securities for profit. One of the most powerful techniques I use is Target Trading. 

With Target Trading my object is to win a set amount, say $500. I set up trades with a high probability of winning $500.


However, there is no guarantee that any given trade will be profitable. My plan is to set up a series of trades if necessary so that any winning trade will produce a profit of about $500. 
Sometimes I can do it in one trade.  Other times it may take two, three or even more trades. 


The point is that I control the sizes of each trade so that when the series of trades is completed I win $500. 
This is a powerful technique that I have used over and over for many years to produce steady winnings from trading. 

It is so powerful that I decided to apply it to baccarat betting. 
I began working on setting up Target Bets that would result in wins and in about two weeks I thought I had it figured out. 


I started trying it out playing in practice mode online betting on banker hands since banker has a slight edge over player (banker and player are the only bets we make in baccarat).

Lots of practice play showed that I had developed a winning system. 
However, it was not nearly as consistent as I thought it should be.?One problem was pretty obvious 

In addition to using Target Bets I needed a better way of selecting where I bet! 
I Explained the Problem to L.R., an Expert in Probability and Game Theory.  At this point I decided to get some expert help. 


L.R. had helped me develop a winning roulette system and I thought that he could help me devise a bettor way of picking where to bet at baccarat. 

L.R. had just recently finished his doctorial dissertation on small numbers theory.  If anyone could help me unlock the problem of where to bet in each round of baccarat, he could. 
Baccarat decisions repeat, chop and appear in random patterns. Many betting systems try to read these patterns and then predict where to bet.  Many experts say that you can’t predict random events in games of chance.


However, I was willing to bet that L.R. would find a way to beat the random averages . . . 
I showed L.R. how Target Betting worked in a live game in an online casino.  Instead of trying to use any decision-making system on picking where to bet, I had just bet on banker. 


We played for about an hour recording the results of each hand.  We ended up with a pretty nice win just betting on banker. 

“Why don’t you just bet on banker like you’ve been doing??I understand that Banker is slightly favored over Player so this would seem to be the logical way to wager.

I shook my hand and pointed out the runs of player wins lasting four or five bets as well as choppy runs that had caused us a lot of effort to overcome just betting on banker. 

“We can do better than this. I have tried just betting that the last decision will repeat and it works out better than just betting on banker.  I am looking for a way to come out on top in picking where to bet using a very small sample of information.

He frowned for a minute then said, “Maybe I can come up with something.  Give me the parameters.

I explained that I needed a simple and practical way to pick where to bet for each round of play. 

“The solution has to be easy to use in a casino.  It won’t do me any good to come up with some complex solution entailing computer analysis. I need something that is fast, simple and accurate.

“Fast, simple and accurate.  Just the opposite of what we do in universities, he laughed. “I’ll see what I can do." 
L.R. Delivered Just What I Needed ?a Fast and Effective Way to Pick Every Bet! 

It took L.R. nine days to get back to me. Then it was just an email with a couple of questions about how baccarat was played. 

Fifteen days after our meeting he called.  “I’ve come up with something. Do you want to see how it works?" 
“Sure. Do you want to meet in your office? 
“I’ve got a better idea. Let’s meet at Sandia Casino and I’ll show you what I’ve come up with."
L.R’s Method of Bet Selection Was As Simple as Counting to Three! 

Sandia Casino is owned and run by the Sandia Pueblo just north of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is one of the nicest casinos you will find anywhere and it is the perfect laboratory for trying out new systems. 
L.R. and I met in the coffee shop and he showed me what he had developed.   He explained how he had used a set of algorithms to come up with a predictive system for baccarat. 
He had downloaded 10,000 baccarat decisions from an academic web site dealing with probabilities and then started playing with different ways of picking where to bet. 
“The best system required keeping track of the last eleven bet outcomes." 
I sighed. “I hope that’s not what you chose. I’m not sure that I want to try to keep track of eleven baccarat decisions." 


He gave me an impish smile. “I remembered what you told me about keeping it simple. I kept simplifying until I found the perfect system for baccarat.  That is unless you object to counting to three." I sighed. “I think I can manage that. Let’s see what you’ve got."

( to be continued in the tutorial manual)



This system Is:
- Completely legal and ethical
- Easy to do
- Is Not a bot or script
- You don't need any expertise



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Privacy Policy:

All personal information of customers collected by L.C. Symbol International during the process of purchase are purely for the purpose of completion of transaction.  They will not be stored as customers are opted-out automatically upon the completion of purchase.  The word "System", in this website, means "a real good method". This is not a "magical program that will generate you money". This will show you step by step on what do you need to do in order to make real money online. It requires creativity and dedication  and there is no guarantee that you will make the same amount of money like I did. You can, but it will take time, dedication and patience.  I can't tell you exacly how much you can make... all I know is that whoever is persistent on this system will succeed.  Thank you and let's try it!.  


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